Workshop service costs
Basic service    $70.00
  • - De-grease/wash
  • - Adjust deralieurs and brakes
  • - Straighten derailer hanger
  • - Quick true of wheels and check bearings
  • - Torque up bolts and pump tyres
Re-Cable service    $100.00
As above plus
  • - Replace all the inner and out gear and brake cables.
  • - On MTB’s bleed brakes.
  • - Road bikes plus the cost of bar tape $20-$30
  • - Genuine Campag cables plus $50.00
Bike Building
Assemble complete road and mountain bikes from parts* and frame supplied by us.
  • - Sram and Shimano  $195.00 includes cables
  • - Campagnolo    $225.00 includes cables
  • - Track or fixed gear $120
  • - Un filled mtb disc brakes plus $35.00
Strip and re-build $255 plus parts.
*All parts purchased online that are available through us at cyclic incur a 5% surcharge of full retail. e.g.  Sram Force build kit incurs 5% on top of $1559.00= a $77.95 surcharge.
Professional wheel building service.
Labour cost of $50 per wheel plus the cost of spokes.
We use and recommend DT Swiss spokes.
-DT Champion sliver $.95 each
-DT Competition silver $1.45 each
-DT Competition black $1.95 each 
-DT Revolution silver $2.25 each
-DT Revolution black $3.10 each
-DT Supercomp (Evan's fav) $3.45
-DT Aerolite silver $8.75 each
-DT Aerolite black $9.52  each
Coming soon. 
-Race day wheel hire
-Power meter hire
-Triathlon bike hire
Details to follow.